Productivity Power Tools 2012

Install from here

Once installed you can type in the Quick Launch to get access to common used options. This is called “Quick Tasks”


Regions To expand or collapse regions use: ExpandRegion or CollapseRegions
Text Editor Font Size To increase TxtFont+, decrease TxtFont-, reset TxtFont0 or reset all TxtFontReset
Environment’s Font Size To increase EnvFont+, decrease EnvFont-, reset EnvFont0 or reset all EnvFontReset
Tabs Spaces instead of Tabs InsTabsOff, Tabs instead of spaces InsTabsOn
Line Numbers Show LineNumOn, Hide LineNumOff
Presenter Mode Increase environment and text editor font sizes PresentOn, and off PresentOff
Reset Development Settings Visual Basic ResetToBasic, C++ ResetToC++, C# ResetToC#, F# ResetToF#, General Settings ResetToGeneral, JavaScript ResetToJavaScript, LightSwitch ResetToLightSwitch, SQL ResetToSQL, Web ResetToWeb, Web (Code Only) ResetToWebCode
Switch Code Between designer/code behind or header/source SwitchCode
Tab Size Decrease TabSize-, increase TabSize+, reset to 4 TabSize0
Word Wrap On WordWrapOn, Off WordWrapOff

Additionally there are 33 Power Commands like “email code snippet”, “Remove and Sort Usings on save”, “Undo Close” shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Z, “Open Containing Folder”, “Edit Project File”, “Copy as a Reference”.

Color Tabs by Regular Expression, in Color Coding there are 4 Regular Expressions already created.

Also Color Printing, Auto Brace Completion, Enhanced Scroll Bar and HTML Copy


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