Black border AMD Video Card using HDMI


Using an AMD Video Card (AMD HD4850) the monitor doesn’t display full screen when connected via a HDMI cable.

This doesn’t happen when connected using VGA or DVI cables.

This happens in Windows 7 and Windows 8.


The Video Card by default uses a scaling of 15% (probably because some HDTV sets require this adjustment)

In Windows 8 the card is detected correctly but you can’t change the scaling without using the AMD software called  AMD VISION Engine Control Center that is included with the Catalyst Software Suite. You can download from AMD web site.

  1. Download Catalyst Software Suite, 147 MB, Revision number: 13.1, 1/21/2013
  2. Install it.
  3. Open it from the tray or mouse right-click “AMD Vision Engine Control Center”
  4. There are two modes Standard View and Advanced View
  5. In Standard View go to “Desktops and Displays” and click “My Digital Flat-Panels then “Scaling Options (Digital Flat-Panel)”
  6. In Advanced View in the left side choose “My Digital Flat-Panels” and then click on “Scaling Options (Digital Flat-Panel)”
  7. In Scaling Options change the slider from 15% to 0% moving it to the right and then apply.

This is the Standard View:


This is the Advanced View:


Some people mention that it is necessary to check “Enable GPU Scaling” and click “Scale image to full panel size”. If the above procedure didn’t fix the issue you can try it.



Note: When installing the AMD software don’t check the AMD APP SDK or you could receive the error “Kdbsync.exe stopped working” every time you start your Windows machine.

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