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LightSwitch Look Up Lists

You have two entities Model and Model Parts, one model can have many model parts. You want to create a screen where you select one model and a list that shows only model parts for that specific model. You also … Continue reading

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LightSwitch Only Numbers in TextBoxes

How to allow only numeric keystrokes (numbers 0-9) in a TextBox? Answer: Use the KeyDown event and e.Handled property. Example: Imagine you have a NewClient screen and only want numbers to be entered in a property called “Code”. In NewClient.cs The code validates … Continue reading

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Where are the Azure WebSites FTP Credentials?

You can find the Azure WebSites FTP credentials in the publish profile (in Azure go to your website and click on Dashboard the links are on the right side). Download it and open it with Notepad.exe. The credentials are under … Continue reading

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Nuget Package Manager Update

New update Version 2.6.40627.9000 Size 2.60MB. Previous Version 2.5.40416.9020 Don’t forget to restart Visual Studio after the update.

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Office Integration Pack Sample.

Office Integration Pack is a popular and free LightSwitch extension created by Steve Hansen from Grid Logic. Now in Version 1.1. It’s very useful to Import and Export data with Microsoft Office. It can be used as a reporting tool … Continue reading

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