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LightSwitch Upper Case in TextBoxes.

How to uppercase text entered into a textbox by a user? Answer: Handle the KeyUp event. Example: Imagine you have a NewClient screen and want to upper the text entered in a property called “Name”. In NewClient.cs Source: Pro Visual … Continue reading

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Dependency Injection in MVC 4 using Ninject, Unity and StructureMap (IoCs)

Dependency injection is a software design pattern that allows removing hard-coded dependencies and making it possible to change them. This software design pattern injects the depended-on element (object or value etc) to the destination automatically by knowing the requirement of … Continue reading

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Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard Bluetooth (Windows 7, Windows 8).

Windows 7 To pair this keyboard using a trendnet bluetooth usb adapter. Open “My Bluetooth Places”. If you can’t see the keyboard listed there you need to use the icon “Search Devices”, and on the Wedge Mobile Keyboard press the … Continue reading

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