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JavaScript for ASP.NET programmers (webcast by ComponentOne)

You can see the webcast slide here: (Russ Fustino and Chris Bannon) There is not online viewing yet. Here is the link to the video: Here is an extract: Why use JavaScript and HTML5? 61% leave a site if … Continue reading

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SQL Server Data Tools – September 2013 Update.

New update for SQL Server Data Tools. You can do one of the following: For Download and Install go to: For Administrative Install Point, when you are going to install from a place without internet connection: Then run … Continue reading

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Failover or Restart Results in Reseed of Identity

Bug with Id: 739013, opened: 4/26/2012 When a table with less than 1000 rows that has an identity value is part of a database that is failed over in an AlwaysOn availability group, the identity is reseeded to 1000. If … Continue reading

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14 Rules for faster-loading Web Sites.

These 14 rules came from Steve Souders’ book High Performance Web Sites (O’Reilly Media 2007). Rule 1 – Make Fewer HTTP Requests Rule 2 – Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) Rule 3 – Add an Expires Header Rule 4 – … Continue reading

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SQL Server Data Tools Update August 2013

There is a new update for SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT): The button Update takes you to: There you can Download and Install (you need internet access) Or you can set up an Administrative Install Point (optional), once downloaded … Continue reading

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